Why Choose Our Investment Platform

Goldblock is a global investment comapny offering lucrative profits and commissions on very low investment opportunities. Following are some key factors that why you should invest with us!

  • Funds Protection
  • Guarranteed Pprofits
  • High ROI's in the industry
  • Short term investment cycles
  • DDOS Protection with no down time
  • Instant Payments without hassale

Our Investment Plans


For 24 Hours

  • Min : 20 USD
  • Max : 3000 USD
  • Instant Payments


after 1 day

  • Min : 150 USD
  • Max : 5000 USD
  • Instant Payments


after 5 days

  • Min : 250 USD
  • Max : 10000 USD
  • Instant Payments

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We are offering the highest profits in the industry to help our investors grow.


24/7 Support

Our Support team is 24 hours available to assist it's investors with any kind of query.


Strong Protection

This platform is protected from every typr of fraudulent activity to safeguard funds.



Trusted company with strong research and analytical team to observe every investment.

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5% Referral Commission

Invite investors with your referral link and get 5% referral commission on every deposit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why You should become an Investor?

Gold Block Offers high profit returns on hourly basis. you can earn alot with Gold Block with just making and account and doing deposit to your favorite plan.

What are Minimum Withdrawal?

You can withdraw any time instantly once your balance reach above 1$ in Perfect Money and 10$ in Crypto.

How much referral commission did GoldBlock offer?

Gold Block offers 5% Referral commission to all promoters there is no restriction of active deposit.

What Currencies do you accept?

To make an investment we only accept Perfect Money and USDT TRC20

Latest Deposit & Withdraw

User Name Amount Currency Date
remix $50.00 Aug-01-2022 03:00:24 PM
Lida $20.00 Aug-01-2022 02:09:37 PM
InstantMonitorCom $30.00 Aug-01-2022 01:35:34 PM
rooper $150.00 Aug-01-2022 01:10:47 AM
BillMor $100.00 Aug-01-2022 12:59:13 PM
zkreditov $20.00 Aug-01-2022 12:57:42 PM
LupusreginaBeta $20.00 Aug-01-2022 12:44:12 PM
Kontelena $20.00 Aug-01-2022 12:44:01 PM
Ambaldell $20.00 Aug-01-2022 12:41:38 PM
goldbell $130.00 Aug-01-2022 12:41:36 PM
User Name Amount Currency Date
LupusreginaBeta $1.00 Aug-01-2022 05:46:39 PM
Bonita $11.25 Aug-01-2022 05:35:23 PM
remix $4.50 Aug-01-2022 05:34:55 PM
AinurG $5.40 Aug-01-2022 05:32:24 PM
Kontelena $1.00 Aug-01-2022 05:27:47 PM
Lara2016 $4.10 Aug-01-2022 05:21:20 PM
Jek99 $22.50 Aug-01-2022 05:13:50 PM
gam3rboy $6.75 Aug-01-2022 05:06:13 PM
Ambaldell $1.80 Aug-01-2022 04:57:25 PM
Lida $1.80 Aug-01-2022 04:49:01 PM

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